About us

How It All Started 

LUNCIA started with three best friends  - April, Wayne and Lisa, who realized that the market was filled with lunch bags that were missing two key aspects - quality and style.  With 10 years of industry expertise and knowledge of the bag market, they have confidently established the right price ,the perfect product and the ideal consumer-sales relationship model.

With more than 1000 hours of meetings, visiting more than 500 factories and testing more than 100 samples, LUNCIA constantly studies and analyzes every customer feedback to create products to meet customer expectation and provide exactly what the market needs. LUNCIA has come a long way and mastered the art of manufacturing the perfect lunch bag over time. 

The concept of LUNCIA range of lunch bags is as simple as ABCD...give people lunch bags that do everything a lunch bag needs to, BUT look good doing it! By using premium quality zippers, selected non-woven fabric that keeps all layers compressed and avoids bubble formation, LUNCIA lunch bags have gained popularity for its durability and reliability over repeated daily use. 

LUNCIA’s main goal is to bring families together in the great outdoors and allow them to love and laugh together without having to worry about going home for food and drinks and to achieve this, they want to offer people a functional and fashionable bag that they actually want to carry without hesitation to outdoor trips, adventures, family get-togethers, parties, and sports events.